Hello, everyone! Okay, it wasn’t a long time ago that I posted my first article, but… I just wanted to start my blog in a good way. It’s time for spring days, whereby we can go outdoor without a jacket again, lovely! I have two outfits for you, where I show you what ways there are to wear cute spring clothes. Of course you can switch everything up!


In this first outfit I wear my big bordeaux red cardigan. I just love it, because it’s so warm! In April I can already wear it without a jacket. I like to combine it with a thin black top. My high waisted jeans are there to finish my outfit. All of the clothing are from Primark! (surprise surprise).


I bought these little ankle boots in Germany. A perfect color for early spring.


Time for outfit two, guys! Okay, yes, I had to let my friend make a picture of me with this cute “buy honey” board. It was too fashion-blogger-ish to walk away, haha!



The most important part of this outfit is my skirt. It has orange-black stripes, which I think is a great detail. Therefore I wanted to get the attention to stay on this skirt. I chose for a simple black T-shirt and ankle boots.

What are your plans for spring?

XO Irina

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