Hello, loves! The weather in Holland has me confused this week. One day it’s hot enough to eat in the garden, the other day it’s raining so badly. It has became difficult to choose what to wear. I wanted to show a way that’s perfect for this time (or this day🤔).

*Casually sitting on a wooden, little bridge*

So, I chose to wear this big, vintage-looking pink sweater. I got it from Forever21. This clothing shop has so many different styles. There is something for everyone, i’m sure of it!

It is made of a thin, but warm knitted fabric. I just love it.

My black jeans is also from Forever21 and my ankle boots are from a little shop in Germany. Everytime I go there I come back with a new pair of shoes, oops!

As you can see, I’d like to wear a choker with this outfit. It’s so easy to combine!

How warm is it where you live? 

XO Irina

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