Hello, everybody! It’s the perfect Autumn weather today: raining, cold and no sun to be seen. Time for a new blog post, I said to myself.

To be honest, I’m not a Facebook kind of person. I don’t have it at all. I don’t know, I don’t have the interest to share everything of my life with the rest of the world, or to read other peoples stories. Don’t get me wrong, for example, I love memes. I know that all of the memes start on Facebook. But I get them all from Instagram. I think it’s my favorite application. I follow a lot of people, especially people with a beautiful feed and a great taste for fashion. I want to share a few with you.


Kae Sutherland

I think Kae is my most favorite person. She is beautiful and I love her style.


Queen of Jetlags

Queen of Jetlags (Noor) loves the color pink, you can see it back in almost every picture.



Saar keeps it simple, but her color and clothing combination speaks to me on a whole new level.


Life of Yvonne

Life of Yvonne is famous for her Youtube videos, but hey, let’s not forget her stylish feed, please.


Beauty by Denies

Denise is her real name. She uses dark colors and that’s why her pictures pop out for me.




Tamara and Effortlyss have a kind of same style for their Instagram pages. I. Can’t. Even. Look at those!! Who can make such perfect pictures?!



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