There are many, many new trends going on at the moment. One of them is the “bralette”. You see them in almost every clothing shop that sell underwear too. You can wear a bralette underneath a top, of course, but I’ve also seen girls who wear them just like that, with a jacket to keep it classy or without one, to a party for example. I think they’re doing it great, because people love them (I’m guilty too). I have four pieces myself, all bought at Primark.


I asked myself what I prefer to wear more, which feels more comfortable and what I like more: a real bra or a cute bralette. A bra feels stronger, fits perfectly (if you buy the right size), it lets your boobs look beautiful and you don’t always see your bra, if you don’t want it too. A bralette, on the other hand, can be very striking and it doesn’t feel like a real bra. It does not give much support to your boobs, because they generally don’t have filling.

My opinion? A bralette. There are a lot of girls a the moment who don’t wear a bra at all. Back to the 70s, I think! Hippies all the way. Personally, I like that trend too. Of course I want a little support, but I never liked push-up bras anyway. I don’t feel comfortable in those. That’s why I like the bralettes. So much colors and choices!

I can recommend them to you with all of my heart, because there are many different prices and choices and they feel sooo comfy.

What do you prefer? A bra of a bralette? Let me know in the comments!

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