Yaz, winter is coming! Freezing feet, having a cold every day, hailstorms… Winter is fun! Haha, no but really, I have cravings for December. I prefer those times when I can wear the most comfortable clothes like oversized sweaters and scarves. That’s why I can’t wait to write about winter stuff in the last month of the year. Now is the time. I wanted to share some of the trends you’ll see this year.

Teddy Bear Hoodies

teddy bear

I’ll start with the top layer of our body: jackets! I see this trend so much these days and it looks good on everybody. Teddy bear hoodies are coming back. You can choose from almost every color: pink (!!!), red, white, black, blue. They’re easy to find too; many stores are selling them. From cheap to expensive!

Denim everywhere


The next thing is the denim jacket. Of course, we know already knew this one. But as a winter item? I don’t think we saw that one coming. I actually bought one a few weeks ago! One with a little fake fur in my neck. It’s made of a thick kind of denim, so it keeps me pretty warm.

Oversized sweaters


Big, big, big sweaters. We can NOT miss them in our closet. Those soft sweaters you can wear on the couch at home or a beautiful woolen one for your date with your lover.

Back in the time


Leopard print. A very risky fashion element. But hey, we love risky. Okay, I have to admit. If you would ask me if I would wear this a few years ago, I would have said no. But now? Yes! Give me!

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