Hey, everyone. With a cup of green tea by my side and a good book for later (one written by Carole Matthews), I want to write a new post. I went for a walk an hour ago. You know those: morning walks to wake up. Of course, I took my best friend, because there is nothing better than burning a few calories while talking!


Because the weather isn’t higher than 50 ºF here, it was a little bit cold to take pictures without a jacket. But hey, everything for great photos, right?



I’m wearing a beige sweater and boyfriend jeans from Primark. I’m trying to buy clothes from different shops as well, but I’m simply a student without a lot of money. Prices from Primark are cheap, so perfect for me. Of course I love Forever21 and H&M too, though! I have a few new items from Forever21, which I happily want to show you in another post. Don’t worry. My shoes are Adidas Superstars. I have them two years now and they still feel great!


XO Irina

(Ps: do you like this theme? Or do you think it’s too chaotic or busy? Let me know!)

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