WCS, what does that even mean? Well, we all know “Women Crush Wednesday”, but because I don’t usually post on Wednesday I decided to make a new slang: Women Crush Sunday. And today we are going to talk about the Dutch Youtuber and Instagram fashion icon Sara Ras AKA Saar. Because I am a Dutchie myself, I wanted to catch you up on her.

I am not going to talk about her Youtube channel, because it’s Dutch and I don’t think you are all from Holland. But pictures, on the other hand, speak louder than words!


First of all, she is so pretty, I can’t. Her cute smile and beautiful eyes make the photos even prettier.


She loves to travel. You can see that on her Instagram page. Her last pictures are from Rome, but a lot from New York too! Her different backgrounds make her page have a little tint of vintage, which I think is great to look at.


To be honest, everything what she puts on, looks great on her. Berets, boyfriend jeans, “ugly” oversized sweaters… Another thing I think is very confident of her is that she doesn’t like to wear real bras. She made a video about it. If you’re Dutch, I recommend to watch it! She explains that she only wears bralettes, because those feels nicer and more comfortable. Personally, she’s right, haha!

Do you know her? What do you think about her? Her Instagram page is @Saar.

X Irina

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