The perfect body of a woman

We all know them. Those moments in the fitting room of Primark, when you just don’t want to go on anymore. You’re DONE with clothes. Literally. Things go through your head: “Why do I have those big hips?” or “look, that’s why I need to work out more.” I have had these moments a lot. Of course people have called me fat a few times, a long time ago. At that moment, I could burst into tears, but now? Now I’m okay. Why?

Campaign for Real Beauty


First of all, my confidence has grown a lot, but besides that, I love my big hips and big butt now. Crazy, right? The image of the ‘perfect’ body of a woman has changed through the years. Back in the days (like a few years ago), it was beautiful if you were slim and had no butt. People call those women ‘flat’ now and they think it’s beautiful if a woman has a little fat. I did a little research myself on Instagram. That’s when I saw that this statement was true. People (mostly men) write mean comments underneath pictures of slim girls and women. That’s pity, because this increases the insecurity of women. What’s it going to be in ten years? Is it forbidden to have blond hair? Or flat feet? Who knows.

Women want to change things about themselves in these days too. Bigger butts, bigger lips, breast enlargements, and so on. That’s the fault of this society. We have the Kardashians as example. Look at Kylie Jenner, what’s even real anymore? She has become an example for teen girls and young women. If you google ‘Kylie Jenner look alike’ you get more than 1,2 million hits! And men like those bodies apparently, so women change their ‘imperfections’. I think that’s nonsense. I think Kylie felt pushed, because she was in the spotlights all the time. There is a pressure, even if it isn’t on purpose. There are still a lot of pictures online of her ‘old’ lips versus her ‘new’ lips. People who comment questions as “where were her lips?”. I don’t think Kylie gets happy if she read those comments.

Women should support each other. Every body is beautiful. Don’t bring each other down. And men, keep your dirty opinions to yourselves, please!

X Irina

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