Hi, everyone! Today is a great day. The sun is shining, I don’t have to do much for school which is nice and I’m watching some movies. Of course, it’s also time for a new blogpost! I actually also wanted to post a photo on Instagram today, sooo I thought, why not show you guys what I wore?


It was around 10 in the morning when I made these pictures. My plan was to go to the gym, but oh well, that didn’t happen!


I’m wearing a red blouse from Primark. I love the fact that it’s pretty sexy, but not too much. You get me? Like yeah, there is some decolleté, but it’s not stripper material. I also like the details, like the black border on my sleeves and in my neck.

bewerkt3This denim skirt was on my wish list waaaay too long. Far before Christmas. It didn’t cost much, so I was very happy when I finally got one. The only problem is that this skirt crawls up sometimes. I feel slightly uncomfortable when I wait for my bus at the bus stop, haha!


I posted this one on Instagram. Check it out! I try to post everyday and I love to show you my style!

Have a nice day! X Irina

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