Happy Thursday! First of all, YES, I finally got my own domain! I wanted to do this for a looong time, but I don’t know, I didn’t have the courage to do it yet. But here I am, with my new old site:

I’ve been very productive today. Cleaned the house, did some grocery-shopping and i’m going to the gym in a few hours. Damn. Time for a blogpost-break, because I wanted to show you guys my new pants!


These are from H&M. I got them on sale for just €12! These ARE risk pants, you don’t see them everyday and of course I was overthinking before I bought them. There not just your daily black pants, right?


I think the pattern is beautiful. It got some white birds on it and colorful flowers everywhere.


I love to combine these with a simple tee, white or black. Because it’s cold i’m wearing a little turtleneck. To complete the outfit, I thought some black boots would be cute.


I love to try new things and I’m happy that I’m developing my own style, which is to be honest, very expiring. From colorful things, to simple, to different.

What’s your style?

X Irina

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