Good afternoon, guys! What are you up to today? I feel like I need a break from everything for a moment. Just too much going on. A little holiday, perhaps? Maybe a warm country with a sea view and some time to sun tan would help. What do you think? Let me know if you’re also done with Winter and need some warm weather.


I’m happy I could take pictures in a Tee outside. Not being frozen, you know. The sun was shining when I took this picture, just as today.


I love this outfit, because it’s comfortable yet stylish. To give it a little detail, I wear some fishnets. Yeah, I know, everybody is wearing these, but who cares? I think they’re made to complete the outfit.


I bought these flared jeans at Pull & Bear. They were in sale. I think I bought half of my closet in sale. I’m just always looking for special offers! This Tee is from the same store. The text is “Breaking my heart”.


The theme of this outfit is red-black-white. I love that these colours come back in every clothing-part! I got these Vans for aaaaages. Want to know how long I got these? More than 5 years. And I still love them! They’re still in tact.


What is your fav Spring outfit?

xo irina

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