Hello lovies! I wanted to show you my favourites shoes and for which occasions I wear them. Curious? Read on! 💓


You probably have seen them a few times before. That’s because I love them and they feel very comfortable. I can’t wear them all day, though. Well, it’s possible, but I feel a little pain afterwards. When do I wear these? I have days when I want to wear a dress, but I’m not in the mood for heels (most of the time honestly). They look super cute underneath dresses. Not all dresses, of course. I also wear them when I don’t feel like tying my shoes, but I still want to look cute.


These are my favourites, although I don’t wear them a lot. That’s because they got 13 cm heels and I need to walk 15 minutes to school: I just can’t handle that with a backpack on my back. These look so stylish with a skinny jeans or short dresses. I think they look great when you want to look classy.


Well, I got these a few years now and they still look good-ish. I love the pink colour, so girly, but not too much, you get me? These look great with a blazer and some black pants.


I think these boots look very 70s/80s style. Especially when you were them with a short loose dress. I see the movie “Hairspray” in front of my eyes at those moments. But when you wear them with jeans and a top, it got a different sexy effect. I like that too.


When you want to look a little edgy, wear these. The (uiterlijk) make them look (stoer). I also wear them underneath flared jeans. I don’t want my shoes to disappear underneath those pants and these (vallen op).


Well, you probably already know when you can wear these fabulous heels: parties! I wore them to a Christmas gala and my graduation. With a beautiful (or sexy) dress you can look so stylish. Those were the only times, unfortunately. I would love to wear them to school, like Hanna Marin from PLL, but I don’t have THAT confidence, haha.


These are great for Spring and Summer. Because they’re open front and back, it can be a little breezy. I would wear them with light-blue jeans and a white top. A little bag on the shoulder and you’re done!


Yeah, and these are just very practical. They’re not (mooi) anymore, I really need new ones. But they’re just (handig) for long days (walking, working). And black fits everything, of course!

Which kind of shoes in your closet do you love most?

xo irina

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