How to style that oversized sweater

OK, i’m going to be honest here. Being a fashionlover/instagramblogger, you have to make some sacrificies. Well, sacrificies is a big word, but you have to do that little extra for a good picture. If you take a look on my instagram page, you can see I rarely wear a jacket with my outfits. Reason? You can’t see the whole outfit if I would! I think people rather not see the same jacket 50 times on their timeline. But… IT’S STILL WINTER. It’s literally freezing outside and i’m not wearing a jacket for a good 20 minutes. I didn’t get sick yet (thank that man above), but it’s not very pleasant to stand there, fake smiling.

But oh well, a wise (wo)man once said: no pain, no GAME.


I’m wearing pink trousers (because I can and) because I want that spring feeling. They’re from H&M and I love them. The only bad thing is that they’re a little too big. You know the basic perks of having a big booty and legs but a small waist. But I can cover that problem with the big woolen sweater.


I want to say I got on a full H&M outfit, but I can’t lie. This sweater is, though, from H&M too. An S, can you believe it?? It’s so soft and comfy. I just don’t want to take it off, permanently.


The shoes and bag are from a boutique in my neighbourhood. I thought a touch of green would look nice with the soft pink colour.

How far do you go for a good fashion picture?

xo irina

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