Hi, everyone! I’m very excited for today’s post and I will tell you why. I got to work together with a lovely Dutch fashion webshop: Stitch, please. Heard of it? Not yet? Read on! 🙂

Stitch, please is a small Dutch company, selling handmade clothing and accessoires. I love it, because the clothing is very minimalistic, yet fashionable and pretty.


I chose this black tee with a little sea wave and this red headband. The headband is so soft! It’s made of velvet, fav kind of material!


The tee is one-size, so it fits great. Not too big, but not tight eiher, just a bit oversized. I’d like to combine it with blue jeans or black ones, both look great with it. Luckily it was not very cold outside, so I could take a few pics!


See what I mean with minimalistic? It’s so simple, but yet a little different than other black tees. The quality is great too I must say. Made with love for sure!


Of course, you can combine it with a cute skirt too and some booties too. It’s just so easy to wear with everything!

You can take a look around if you want to! With the special code irina15 you get 15% off of everything on

xo irina

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