Okay, I have to be honest. Normally I don’t follow much trends, yeah, of course flared trousers, because they’re just very very very fashionable. But anything else? Nah. I buy things because I like them, not because someone wore them at the latest fashionshow.

But I took a look and I think there are a few things I actually like! I wanted to share those trends with you today. I got them all from ELLE (obviously).


Who would have thought young people would wear them right now? They were meant to be for old people, when they would walk or something.

pJVAR Yeah, those.

But now Gucci has them too and I see every young, stylish girl or boy with a fanny pack. And to be honest, I want one too… Okay, maybe not Gucci, because that’s a little above my budget, haha.



I wore this combination a lot when I was younger. But at one point, nobody was allowed to do this anymore? I get why, when you combine a certain pink with red, you get the ugliest colour combination ever. But look at this.


I love it! The way Gigi wears that baby pink colbert with a red high neck top is amazing. I’d say, bring it on!


I think white is a pretty scary colour. Why? Because I’m the one who gets white clothes very dirty very soon. I’m the one who wore white pants for the first time this summer and I got my period at the same time. Well, yeah, a little trauma was born. But i’d like to try again! White suits are so classy and fabulous.


To see more trends, surf to elle.com.

Which trend do you like the most?

xo irina

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