Hi guys! It’s already been ten days since I posted my last blogpost. It’s been very busy with school, unfortunately. But here I am again.



I had exactly 15 minutes to take these pictures. After that it began to rain sooo hard. You never know with the Netherlands what it’s going to be. And it also was cold within, like, 2 seconds. Therefore I’m wearing my red coat. So soft and comfy. It’s a puffer coat and I love it. I bought it in an extra big size. It’s from C&A.


To give it a little sporty look, I’m wearing my Adidas trainers underneath. I must confess that I wear them a lot. When I don’t need to go to something important or when I have just one lesson at school. These are from the men-section, because there a little more bigger. Normally I wear a Medium with joggers (when I wear women’s), but this is a Small.


What do you wear when you don’t have to somewhere important?

xo irina

PS: There is also a new pic about this look on my Instagram-page!

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